Membership Information

Let's Clear Up Some Misconceptions

  • Rolling Thunder®, Inc. is not a motorcycle club. 
  • Owning/Riding a motorcycle is not a prerequisite for membership.
  • Veteran status is not a prerequisite for membership.
  • We are a volunteer organization. Rolling Thunder® Inc. relies on members to donate their time.

Although many of our members do ride motorcycles and many of our members are veterans, neither are requirements to join us.  We are a family friendly organization, and have members of all ages. 

Membership Requirements

  • Participation: We ask that members contribute their time towards the ongoing mission of publicizing the POW/MIA issue, as well as helping American Veterans in need. 
  • Dues: Dues are $30 per year.
  • How to Join: Membership applications are available at our monthly meetings. We encourage you to attend a meeting or event to learn more.  We are always looking for motivated people to join us.
  • Chapter Meetings are held on the third Sunday of each month at the Moose Lodge #715 at 2:00 pm - 2307 Lakeside Dr, Lynchburg VA 24501.  Chapter meetings are open to the public.